3M 766I Safety Warning Tape

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3M Vinyl Tape 766I warning safety tape for marking dangerous areas, low-lying objects in corridors, production halls. Read more …
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3M 766I Výstražná bezpečnostná páska
0,2 mm
Adhesive type:
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3M™ 766 Hazard Warning Tape is ideal for marking hazardous areas, protruding equipment or low-hanging objects to prevent accidents and reduce injuries in factories, warehouses and other environments. Our durable vinyl backing is flexible and conforms around corners as well as on curved and irregular surfaces. Vinyl provides durability and resistance to abrasion for long-term usability.

Our 3M™ 766 Hazard Warning Tape has been designed for indoor use, where it can be quickly applied to clean, dry surfaces with the ability to stretch and conform to curved surfaces and corners, removing without residue. The rubber adhesive can withstand most common solvents and is moisture-resistant at the same time. Its fast adhesion is a guarantee of immediate adhesion, long-term durability of the joint and clean removal in one piece. Recommended Uses Marking protruding points of equipment or gears for general warning purposes Temporary marking of floor areas around equipment or spilt liquids Vinyl tapes are excellent for a variety of uses including safety marking, colour marking, abrasion protection, masking, sealing, partitioning and others common applications. If the vinyl tape is used to mark the track instead of paint, this eliminates the need to vent the solvents contained in the paint. Since vinyl tapes can be removed quickly and cleanly, they are also a faster, more versatile and, moreover, cheaper solution than paint.


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