3M VHB 4905

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3M VHB 4905 is a transparent double-sided acrylic foam with closed pores and high density. Ideal for glueing transparent materials Read more …
with Vat

0,5 mm
Adhesive type:
3000 mm
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VHB transparent: Transparent. Acrylic foam with closed pores and high density. Ideal for glueing transparent materials such as glass, polycarbonate and plastics. Perfect performance and aesthetics in the production of signage. This range of belts has been popular with world designers for more than 15 years.

Industries and applications:
Since 1980, VHB tapes have contributed to the continuous development of innovative solutions and applications
to the success of the world's most important companies in industries such as construction, aviation,
rolling stock and commercial vehicles, electronics, business information signs, doors and windows,
furniture and appliances. There are VHB tapes in the ever-growing range of products
for glueing and sealing aluminium, steel, glass, painted or powdered surfaces and plastics,
such as acrylics and polycarbonate.

solid and durable connections
aesthetic bonding
excellent sealing properties
resistance to UV radiation
vibration damping

quick assembly
reduced need for re-glueing
lower labour costs
without the need to use expensive devices for application

ideal for bonding metals, plastics, glass and many other surfaces
it also glue and different surfaces
they can be cut into the necessary shapes


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