3M 1900 Duct Tape 1060mm x 50m

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3M 1900 Value Duct tape. Gray polyethylene single-sided tape with thick fabric and strong rubber adhesive, also suitable for wet application conditions. Read more …
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50 m
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The silver polyethylene back layer on the thick fabric resists moisture, so it will perform reliably even in wet or humid conditions
Pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that adheres on contact to metals, glass, plastics, concrete and other surfaces
The surface/back of the tape can be written on immediately with a marker if you need to mark something temporarily
The tape is easily torn from the roll by hand, practical use
Individually wrapped to make them easy to distinguish and to keep the reel clean until they are used
Economical insulating tape 3M™ 1900 is a good all-purpose insulating tape, suitable for every tool case, suitable for simpler jobs, gluing, bundling, marking and temporary repairs of non-critical faults. The synthetic rubber adhesive of touch tape adheres to smooth metal, glass, plastic, cemented concrete and other surfaces. The waterproof polyethylene layer holds up well even in wet or humid environments.

If you're marking something but need more durability and adhesion than cellophane or paper tapes offer, use this insulating tape. It can easily be torn off the roll by hand. The thick, translucent fabric serves to strengthen and reinforce the tape, but it also helps you see where to tear horizontally and vertically. The tape adapts to curved or slightly irregular surfaces when gluing. We can throw economical 3M™ 1900 insulating tape into every toolbox and every workplace. It is suitable for various simple applications. How to choose the right insulating tape When deciding which insulating tape to buy, you need to think about where you will use it. To choose the right 3M™ insulation tape for your situation, consider the following information: Performance Plus Tapes and Outdoor Masking Tapes are best-in-class indoor/outdoor tapes, easy to remove, and long-lasting in environmental conditions. Extra Heavy Duty Insulating Tapes, Heavy Duty Insulating Tapes and Multi-Purpose Insulating Tapes offer reliable performance for demanding contractors, maintenance, repair and overhaul and industrial on-site applications. Universal insulating tapes, on the other hand, offer economical solutions that are suitable for general and lighter applications, such as bundling, sealing, holding and sorting. The effectiveness of any insulating tape is influenced by its strength, resistance to moisture, abrasion, temperature and whether it can be removed cleanly. Two of the three main factors that affect these properties are the reinforcement and the adhesive. The thicker the reinforcement, the greater the tensile strength (resistance to tearing under tension) and resistance to moisture and abrasion. Rubber or synthetic rubber-based adhesives offer instant adhesion, strong adhesion and a long-lasting bond, even in wet environments. Finally, let's examine the characteristic thin fabric that forms the layer between the reinforcement and the adhesive, adding strength to the tape, but also helping you see where to tear straight horizontally and vertically. A final and often overlooked fact about tapes in general: All tapes need to be stored in appropriate conditions and all have a certain limited lifespan. Poor adhesion, tape peeling, twisting or tearing? Most often, the cause is the aging of the tape or its improper storage, not the quality of production. In any case, you should make sure to read all product information in detail. In particular, it is important how the specifications of the tape cope with the situation for which you want to use it. Specifications must be considered to guarantee successful, economical results.


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