Acrylic foam tape PbX 5500F

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Acrylic foam carrier with acrylic strong adhesive tape Read more …
with Vat

33 m
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PbX 5500F is an acrylic foam carrier with acrylic strong adhesive tape. Has excellent waterproof, obedient, cushioning, sealing and superior adhesion, and the application is extremely extensive.
Excellent stress dispersion and absorption capacity. Closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture, good water resistance.
Good resistance to chemicals. High viscosity, weatherability and durability are very good and can replace rivets.
Acrylic adhesive with aggressive, high tack to high cohesion with good resistance against humidity, mild, acids, oils and fats.
PbX 5500F for automotive interiors, signs, decorations paste, frame decoration, sealing the doors and windows of the top shock, electrical appliances, precision instruments and other electronic products shock buffer packaging, can make up the surface irregularities of the material. Used as sound insulation and vibration in automotive, and industrial equipment. Suitable as wrapping for electronic components, gaskets, etc.


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