Pb 2609T Removable Double Coated PET tape

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Pb2609T Double-sided acrylic tape made of modified acrylic polymer adhesive with clear appearance and elastic and strong adhesive surface. Read more …
with Vat

0,8 mm
Adhesive type:
Repositionable/Diferenc adh.
50 m
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Modified acryl tape is made of modified acrylic polymer adhesive, with a clear appearance, and an elastic and strong adhesive surface. Balanced glue modification provides excellent adhesion, cohesion, adhesion and holding the balance. Thanks to its acrylic glue, it has high resistance to heat, moisture and various chemicals. It has a modified acrylic copolymer. Free from plasticizers and heavy metals. Meets RoH specifications. The aggressive adhesive formulation on the face side. The low adhesion back side of the tape allows easy removal from a wide variety of materials without leaving residues.

Double-sided self-adhesive tape with 19μm thickness clear PET film carrier

It is recommended as it can be removed on painted wood and/or metal surfaces, glass and ceramic surfaces, and textile surfaces without leaving residue and shows high adhesion performance without losing its adhesive feature. In order to obtain high performance, the bonding surfaces should be protected against moisture, oil, dirt, dust, rust etc. residue. A strong tack adhesive side can be used for the lamination of PE, PP foam provides excellent holding power with the good removable performance of directed foam pieces.


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