3M PVC floor marking tape 471

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3M 471 Premium single-sided vinyl tape with rubber adhesive for marking, masking, colour marking and sealing Read more …
with Vat

33 m
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The special pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive developed by 3M that adheres to any surface is excellent for quick application, without running, drying and subsequent cleaning.
The vinyl bottom layer, resistant to scratching, weathering, and the action of moisture or acids or alkaline chemicals, guarantees a long service life of the marking.
Bright colours embedded in the vinyl layer ensure high and permanent visibility.
Flexible structural strips adapt to curved surfaces or corners.
After finishing the work, you can peel off the 3M - 471 vinyl tapes without leaving any traces. You don't need solvents, you don't need to scrape off the tape.
Applications of a larger scale can be realized using the M-77 applicator


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